Service: Industrial installations and electricity distribution networks

  • Load analysis
  • Thermal conditions
  • Monitoring of transformer stations
  • Specification
  • 12 pulse connections of frequency converter

Have focus at power quality; avoid operational problems and limit energy consumption

Let Rohde Consulting create an overview of the challenges in your installations. Can more be connected to the transformer? Or is there a problem to be solved we are happy to help.

01. Troubleshooting Industrial Installations

A power quality logger is a powerful and indispensable measuring instrument in all major factories.
The power quality logger can be configure to record events that can help with finding periodic errors.

02. Load analysis

During the load analysis, measurements of stations are made both of thermal and for non-linear loads, as well as voltage quality. Usually the focus is not on the stations and they live their own lives. This can have disastrous consequences, as seen in the picture below as the substation has caught fire.

03. Voltage dip

Voltage dips in a factory can cause production errors. Maybe a production error occores where the background is unknown and here it is recommended to monitor the power quality.

04. Large harmonic load

Requirements are applied from the energy supplier regarding harmonic currents / noise on the electricity grid. Here, a 12 pulse coupling together with an active filter can be a good solution. Get individual advice to find the right solution.

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