PD test 150 kV

Service: HV cable tests

  • VLF tests
  • Tan Delta measurements
  • Partial discharge (PD) scanning
  • PD localization
  • Condition assessment of HV cables
  • Assessment of oil-paper cables
  • Sheath test and fault location

Obtain status of HV cables condition

Rohde Consulting performs HV cable tests both PD measurement/scanning and tan delta measurement as well as VLF tests.

01. VLF-tests

VLF tests are performed according to customer requirements. We can provide staff ourselves or a measurement engineer can be part of the team that carries out the project. We also train staff to perform VLF tests. Rohde Consulting can also perform jacket tests etc.

02. Tan Delta measurements

For future condition-based maintenance and quality assurance parameters, a good measuring parameter is “dissipation factor” a tan delta measurement. We perform the measurement and make the connection to maintenance and quality assurance.

03. Partial discharge diagnostics

There are several ways to do partial discharge (PD) diagnostics in cables. The most reliable is a calibrated PD off-line location measurement with several different voltage levels, eg 0.5 Uo, Uo and 2Uo, as Rohde Consulting can perform. Feel free to call for learn about the options we offer.

04. Oil-paper cables

Oil-paper cables are condition-assessed using PD location measurements at different voltage levels. By oil paper cables many factors have influence on the measurement, but and most important the cable lifetime. Please call us for more information.

05. Sheath test and fault location

The test of the cable sheath is easy to perform, but in the case of a fault it is more difficult to locate. Rohde Consulting can help using the Glaser or Murray prinsipal to locate the fault position in the cable.

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