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HV Cable Test & Analysis

  • High voltage cables
  • Typical faults on cables
  • Measurement techniques and reflection theory
  • Partiel discharge
  • VLF test
  • Tan Delta Diagnosis
  • Water trees
  • Offline and online measurement systems



    3 days


    DKK 14.900,-
    (ex VAT)

    Troubleshooting and testing of HV cables

    Testing and analysis of high voltage cables requires both knowledge and experience. Rohde Consulting can assist with both. The course is a good start to understand the many possibilities and approaches. Call us to learn about the many options.

    01. Intro Cable test and analysis

    Cable analysis techniques hold many possibilities, which are becoming more common, even with several applications, for example, within generators and transformers. This course covers two major areas: Testing and Analysis. In the analysis portion, several different techniques that should be used and can obtain an state based maintenance paramenter for cables. The methods require both knowledge and experience.

    02. Partiel discharge & measurement technique

    Instructors will review cable types and typical failures, like water penetration (Water trees), and illustrate partial discharge (PD). Studens will learn relevant standards for cable testing in the voltage levels from 10 kV to 150 kV. The course will provide a thorough examination of reflection theory and VLF 0.1 Hz sinus, including Tan Delta Diagnosis.

    03. HV cable measurements

    The participants  will analyse cable measurements in cases studies, including cable set analysis, and will asses and locate PD is present. They will evaluate Tan Delta Diagnosis and prepare work procedures as well as built test setup for noise analysis.

    04. Qualifications after the cable course

    The participants will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the measurement techniques. You know the procedures and can give a qualified assessment of the condition of the cable. The participant can perform cable testing and misdiagnosis. Data should subsequently be collected from one’s supplier of sockets, cables, etc. in order to provide a qualified condition picture.

    PD test


    Bo Rohde Pedersen has a background in electrical engineering (M.Sc.E.E.) with extensive knowledge of analysis and measurement techniques. Bo works with various techniques for monitoring and maintaining the electricity grid: Power quality, thermography and reflective cable measurements.



    A background in electrical installations with knowledge of power grids and measurement technology.

    Practical information:
    HV Cable Test & Analysis

    • 3 days
    • Incl. catering
    • Incl. course material in english
    • Practical exercises
    • Access to B2 PD analyzer
    • Full access to online courses at TSE-Learning


      DKK 14.900,-
      (ex VAT)
      Kursus hotel

      Accommodation offer

      If accommodation is needed for you or your company – Rohde consulting is willing to help for the organizing of that.


      Cable failure

      • Cable types
      • Typical errors
      • Water trees


      Cable test

      • Voltage levels
      • What happens in the cable
      • Standards
      • VLF tests
      • Jacked tests

      Measurement technique

      • Grounding theory, low noise level
      • Reflection theory
      • General measurement techniques
      • Disturbing parts


      Partiel discharge

      • What is PD
      • Where does PD occur
      • Measuned unit
      • What amounts of PD may occur
      • Corona

      Methods of analysis

      • Tan Delta analysis
      • PD analyse
      • Condition assessment of oil-paper cables
      • Online/offline measurements
      • PD scanning


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