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Thermography Courses

A series of thermography courses are offered for electricity thermographs and subsequent certification at DBI. For construction and machine, thermograph courses are also offered. Easy training for builders is offered at TSE-Learning with a blower door course and thermography.

Power Quality Course

An in-depth power quality course with practical exercises over 3 days is offered. In addition to the course, an online harmonic currents E-learning course in is offered at TSE-Learning.

HV Cable test Course

HV cable testing and analysis provides important information about the condition of the cables which is not achieved by a traditional VLF test. Both a course and advice, practical help and the execution of PD and TD measurements are offered. Contact us for more information.

Assistance with Measurements and Engineering support

Spændingskvalitet Måling

The Power Quality Expert

Get help for your power quality problems. Especially in factories, are many challenges with power quality. Rohde Consulting offers measurements, analyzes and most importantly practical solutions.
  • Harmonic voltages and currents
  • Active filters
  • Voltage dips and disturbances
  • Transients

Troubleshooting help

There are many causes for production problems, periodic errors, dips etc. Power quality analysis is a powerful tool for mapping and finding errors. Rohde Consulting offers practical measurements and engineering support.

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Technically practical E-learning

Part of Rohde Consulting is the technical E-learning division TSE-Learning which is ready for you when you need it. Small practical courses to solve a specific technical task are available.


Power Quality Course in Germany

In September, the first 3-day power quality course in German will be held in Hamburg. Learn the foundation of harmonics through a practical course with exercises. The other terms of power quality is ofcause included. Read more

Job posting: Online Marketing Employee

We are currently looking for an employee to create a marketing strategy and online presence for the brand TSE-Learning and Rohde Consultings technical course center. You will become a part of a growing company and opportunity to form growth and development. Read more

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The participants says

Lars Frost Petersen, Aalborg Supply

I can highly recommend the thermografic Level I course. Bo is really good and well prepared for teaching, and does it in a comfortable way, making the difficult parts very interesting.

Christian Borup, CB-group, CEO

As a quality requirement for our ISO-9001 quality management, all my employees start with a course at Rohde Consulting.

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